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BrainTree Nutrition was founded by former NFL players Andrew Sendejo and Scott Solomon who recognized a need for superior products to maximize brain health. Witnessing firsthand the toll of prolonged head trauma on themselves and their peers, they embarked on a mission to formulate unparalleled cognitive enhancement supplements expertly crafted by neurologists and backed by human clinical studies. BrainTree Nutrition's commitment to ingredient transparency means no proprietary blends, ensuring optimally dosed ingredients for the highest efficacy. We strive to be at the forefront of the battle against degenerative brain disease by donating a portion of our proceeds to Alzheimer's research.

BrainTree Nutrition™

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BrainTree Nutrition™ supplements carry the NSF Certified for Sport approval rating, ensuring that each batch is analyzed for purity and accurate dosing and that the ingredients are approved by all major sports organizations.

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