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RESTORE by BrainTree Nutrition provides top-tier natural elements that help support healthy sleep cycles and tension reduction.

- Top-Tier Natural Elements

- Promotes Healthy Sleep Cycles

- Neurologist Formulated

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Deep Sleep - Your Questions Answered

What is Deep Sleep?

Deep Sleep is a blend of herbs and organic compounds specifically designed to support your body in a healthy response to stress.

What does Deep Sleep do?

The complimentary blend of ingredients in Deep Sleep is formulated to support a calm mindby supporting adrenal gland function, cellular energy generation and neurotransmitter activity (important chemical messengers that transmit signals between neurons).

Why should I buy Deep Sleep?

An all-natural, non-habit forming stress relief supplement to bring more serenity and calm to your body and mind.

Nutrition Facts

With 30 servings per bottle, you’ll have a month’s supply of stress-reducing supplementation.

We offer Deep Sleep in capsule form because capsules are much easier for the body to absorb and digest than tablets, which often pass through the system whole. We carefully formulate these capsules using natural, plant-based binding and flowing agents (see “other ingredients”) to ensure you get the exact dose and potency promised of each ingredient in every serving.

The Secret of Deep Sleep

DeepSleepBlend™ (Deep Sleep + Calm) is a unique fusion of herbs and organic compounds crafted to promote restful sleep and calmness during times of stress.

Our exclusive blend in DeepSleepBlend is meticulously designed to support a tranquil mind by aiding adrenal gland function, enhancing cellular energy production, and optimizing neurotransmitter activity—essential chemical messengers that facilitate neuron communication.


Founded by a team of expert neurologists, and athletes, our mission is to enhance cognitive function and overall mental wellness. Each of our products is the result of extensive research, clinical trials and safety tests.

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews

It actually works! I’m shocked

Steven Pierre

Now I can sleep peacefully after purchasing Deep Sleep.

Jenny Nagelmueller
Really helps me sleep more soundly

I have used this for a few months now and when NOT using it, I often awake restlessly several times in the night and have a foggy brain the next morning. This helps me peacefully sleep soundly without a "hangover" the next morning!

Michael Nicoll
Have Deep Sleep

It's doing okay. I am still not sleeping through the night

Great Sleep Aid

Since taking Peaceful Slumber, I've had great sleep - 71/2 to 8 hours a night with no side effects the next day. I highly recommend this sleep aid.