BrainTree Nutrition Think Cognitive Performance and Protection
BrainTree Nutrition Think - Premium Brain Health Supplement
BrainTree Nutrition Think Ingredients
BrainTree Nutrition THINK for Cognitive Performance and Protection NSF Certified For Sport Made In USA
BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK
BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK
BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK
BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK
BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK
BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK
BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK
BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK
BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK

BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK

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60 Capsules | 30 Servings Per Bottle

BrainTree Nutrition™ THINK is a premium brain-supporting dietary supplement formulated to enhance memory, focus, and attention. THINK’s ingredients are synergistic, giving the brain nutrients to support healthy cognitive function and mental acuteness. The formula keeps your brain sharp throughout the day without the ups and downs of caffeine or other stimulants. THINK is intended to be taken daily, as the ingredients are actually more effective over time. When taken consistently, the benefits of increased concentration and focus will compound.  

• Based on Clinical Research
• No Proprietary Blends
• NSF Certified for Sport
• Made in a GMP Registered Facility
• Made in an FDA Registered Facility
• Made in the USA
• Non-GMO
• Caffeine and Stimulant Free

  • Memory + Focus + Attention    
  • Energy + Motivation + Mood
  • Clarity + Concentration
  • Strength + Recovery      
  • Daily Brain Health + Neuroprotection


  • Blueberry Fruit Extract 200mg**
  • Asian Ginseng Root Extract 200mg**
  • AlphaSize® 185mg**
  • SerinAid® 84mg**
  • Astragin™ 50mg**

**Daily Value not evaluated

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Keshawn Carrington
Helped Me Focus

Bran Tree THINK is an awesome product. Since adding it to my vitamin and supplement regiment I have felt more focused and driven. I can concentrate more at work, I feel more focused when taking on new task. I am definitely gong to continue to use THINK and am looking forward to trying the other Brain Tree products as well. Oh, and I will be recommending this product to friends and family.

Brian Stacey
Phenomenal product

I take it every morning as party of my daily routine. I feel great, memory is sharp and THINK helps me focus on my daily activities.

Monica Hicks

We have been very impressed with not only the product but also the customer service. We have been using a brain health product for years without knowing what was in that “proprietary blend”. We love knowing exactly what we are taking and look forward to sharing our long term results.

Rebecca Howard
Rebecca, middle aged teenager

Powerful results after using only two weeks!
Looking forward to my new clarity.
Wishing BrainTree continued success.

Steve Munsell
Great High Quality Nootropic

I’ve been looking for a high quality, evidence-based supplement to help with cognitive performance and productivity at work. I’m always frustrated with having to find appropriate ingredient doses and sourced from high quality sources. I heard about braintree from a friend and love that it is NSF certified and has all of the high yield ingredients (especially blueberry extract and GPC). Loving it so far; feeling lots of sustained energy and focus. Able to stay on track for specific tasks and enhanced ability to think through logical problems. I also have a history of dementia in my family and think the protective effects are really interesting and promising. Oh, and the customer service has been great. Will buy more!