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Brain Water - Watermelon

Brain Water - Watermelon

Optimize your brain and body with Brain Water: a pharmaceutical-grade blend of sugar-free electrolytes, Nootropics, Amino Acids, and Adaptogens that turn your water into a refreshing drink mix for total body vitality. 

  • Enhanced Cognitive Function
  • Total Body Hydration
  • Energy Support
  • Muscle and Recovery Aid
  • Clean and Sugar-Free

Choose Your Flavor: Watermelon

BrainTree Nutrition Brain Water Cucumber Lime
BrainTree Nutrition Brain Water Watermelon


Energy & Clarity Any Time: Brain Water stick packs are highly portable—enhance your water wherever you go. Our effective hydration support powder mixes easily into 10 to 16 oz of chilled water. A powerhouse of cognitive-enhancing ingredients like Choline, L-Tyrosine, and Taurine delivered in a refreshingly fruity drink. Enjoy vitality, focus, mental resilience, and heightened productivity at work, school, the gym, while traveling, or wherever you need it. 

Zero Sugar and Zero Caffeine for Sustained Focus and Energy: Brain Water stands out as a smart choice for sustained focus and energy due to its zero sugar and zero caffeine formulation. Unlike sugary energy drinks or caffeinated beverages, Brain Water Electrolytes ensures there are no energy crashes or glucose crashes. The absence of sugar prevents sudden spikes and drops in blood sugar levels, promoting sustained energy levels without the subsequent crash. Try the Brain Water Electrolyte + Focus cucumber Lime pack today!

How To Use

Make Brain Water your go-to hydration choice, and experience the synergy of smart hydration for your brain and body. Stay hydrated and unlock your full potential with Brain Water.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a higher quantity of our Watermelon flavor, check out the Brain Water Electrolytes Watermelon 30 Pack today!

Check out the full range of Brain Water Electrolytes here at BrainTree Nutrition, and discover the whole BrainTree Nutrition Collection to enhance your lifestyle.


Brain Water Electrolyte Cucumber Lime Electrolytes:

Pink Himalayan Salt: The superior salt that provides a range of electrolytes including sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

Sodium: Maintains osmotic balance and facilitates nerve impulse transmissions essential for cellular communication

Potassium: Regulates intracellular fluid balance and is pivotal for maintaining cardiac rhythm and muscle contractions

Magnesium: Plays a central role in cellular energy production and stabilizes the structure of DNA and RNA molecules. 

Chloride: Vital for maintaining the body's acid-base balance and facilitates the transport of carbon dioxide from tissues to the lungs

Phosphorus: Integral for the formation of ATP, the body's primary energy molecule, and supports cellular membrane integrity.

Calcium : Essential for neurotransmitter release, muscle contractions, and provides structural support in bones and teeth

Zinc : Catalyzes enzymatic reactions, aids in protein synthesis, and supports immune cell function

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Founded by a team of expert neurologists, and athletes, our mission is to enhance cognitive function and overall mental wellness. Each of our products is the result of extensive research, clinical trials and safety tests.

Customer Reviews

Based on 217 reviews
Shane Messer
Best Product

Best way to get my daily electrolytes. I drink two a day and feel better everytime I drink one.

vincent salvaggio

Brain Water: Electrolytes + Focus (Watermelon - 8 Pack)

Keshawn Carrington
Better than Squinchers

I’m the safety manager for a construction company in Denver, one of the sunniest cities in the U.S. to fight dehydration on the job, we are always getting the guys squinchers, which I have found to be too sugary and just overall not a healthy additive for hydration. I gave out the new Brain Water to some of the guys to try out and they are begging me to order more. They love the flavor and the healthy nutrients they are getting over the squinchers. I will be ordering much more and sharing my new find with my counterparts at other construction companies.

Mia R.
Refreshing Taste Every Time!

Love that it's sugar-free and still tastes amazing!

Braden P.
Sugar-Free Sip for Fitness

The taste is simply out of this world.