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BrainTree Nutrition Medical Advisory Team, Diane Solomon, M.D. NeurologyBrainTree Nutrition Advisory Team, Dale Solomon, M.D. AnesthesiologyBrainTree Nutrition Medical Advisory Board, Stuart Solomon, M.D. Anesthesiology


BrainTree Nutrition™ was founded by former NFL players and Rice University graduates Scott Solomon and Andrew Sendejo. They recognized a need for better supplements to maximize brain health and counter the effects of brain injuries. As professional athletes, they personally benefited from their extensive, cumulative experience with dietary supplementation. They understand the potential benefits, realize the necessity of using the highest quality ingredients and wish to share their expertise to help others.

A family history of Alzheimer’s
Through careful review of the available research and consultation with Scott’s family of physicians, ingredients to promote brain health were identified. Contributors include Scott’s mother, a Geriatric Neurologist specializing in dementia care; his dad, a Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist with a special interest in preventive health care; and Scott’s twin brother, also an Anesthesiologist committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for brain health. A family history of Alzheimer’s Disease has importantly contributed to the family’s motivation to identify measures to preserve optimal brain function.

Directed by science, the team approaches brain health comprehensively through lifestyle modification, carefully chosen supplements and medical intervention when needed.